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What if the police claim you violated your probation?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Probation Violations

The probation system allows people convicted of crimes to serve sentences without imprisonment.

When you are on probation, you must comply with many different terms. If the police believe you have not fulfilled your responsibilities, they may accuse you of violating your probation.

Potential probation violations

You have to follow the court’s rules when you are on probation. The specifics can vary, but people on probation typically have restrictions regarding where they can travel. Furthermore, you may have to meet regularly with a probation officer. You could face random visits at work or home and periodic drug testing. When on probation, you should not use drugs or break the law in any way. Often people on probation cannot carry firearms either.

Defending your rights

The law regards a minor error, such as missing a single meeting with your probation officer, differently from a significant violation, such as failing a drug test or possessing illegal firearms. Legally, a violation of probation is a serious offense you willfully commit.

A violation of probation case can be difficult to navigate because the courts have already found you guilty of a crime. These cases do not have juries, and a judge makes the final decision regarding your violation. Furthermore, you could face harsh consequences, including stricter probation terms or more jail time. Fortunately, the state must provide evidence that your misconduct was both intentional and substantial.

If the police accuse you of violating your probation, you should take the situation seriously and prepare to fight for yourself in court to avoid significant legal penalties.