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Many of us have had that painful and embarrassing experience of walking out the supermarket door and hearing the alarm bell sound. Often the alarm is a mistake. Sometimes there are instances where a small chocolate bar has accidentally fallen into our shopping basket, or we simply forgot to put back the necklace we were trying on. Whatever the case, that alarm bell fills us with absolute terror, knowing with pounding hearts that we will have to face stern security guards and persuade them of our innocence.

Understandably, businesses do not want to lose their hard-earned merchandise. However, in many cases, this has resulted in overly stringent laws against apparent theft crimes. In some cases, first-time offenders might be banned from stores for several years at best or have to pay extreme fines and even face jail time. Moreover, such crimes go on people’s records as misdemeanors and even felonies—and sadly, the offense is usually a minor one, if not a complete accident. If you are facing such charges, you need to immediately get advice from our Fort Myers theft crime lawyers. At Aiken & O’Halloran, we can work together to completely dismiss or at least decrease the penalty for charges made wrongfully against you.

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Categories of Florida Theft Crimes

In the state of Florida, theft crimes are primarily categorized into two major classes, each based on the monetary value of the item that was supposedly taken.

These two categories are usually identified as grand theft and petit theft:

  • Grand Theft: This type of theft is a felony, and includes theft of any item, money, or property that is stated as costing over $300. The crime can be charged even more seriously if the accused is said to have gotten the stolen object using either violence or weapons.
  • Petit Theft: In this case, petit theft is defined as taking any item, money, or property that is valued at being less than $300 in price. While shoplifting and other forms of petit theft are supposed to be penalized as misdemeanors, they can still result in terrible consequences, including up to a year in jail, even over the most minor object.

Florida Burglary Charges

Along with grand theft and petit theft, burglary is another theft-related crime which is set to have serious consequences. In the state of Florida, the Statute Section 810.02 defines the crime of burglary as the act of entering a building, home, or structure owned by someone else, with the specific intention to either rob the person or commit another crime within that property. This statute also includes the event that the alleged entered the property legally but stayed in order to commit a crime.

While this statute was designed to protect people from unfortunate disasters of theft, inevitably, it has also placed innocent victims in dangerous situations, as they are unlucky enough to be caught during an inopportune time or place simply “looking suspicious.” In this event, the vague line “intent to commit a crime” can condemn innocent people to years of prison.

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