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Strategic And Effective Defense Against Florida Resisting Arrest Charges

For many people, getting arrested is shocking. People may unintentionally pull their hands away from a police officer or take a step back. Any movement that could be construed as an attempt to object to what is taking place can lead to an additional criminal charge of resisting arrest.

These charges may actually be used to cover up police brutality. In many cases where police use a Taser, beat someone or otherwise injure someone during an arrest, that person will be charged with resisting arrest to cover up police misconduct.

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Attorneys Who Know The Local Police And Court Systems

The criminal defense attorneys of Aiken & O’Halloran in Fort Myers, represent clients facing misdemeanor or felony accusations with added charges of resisting arrest or eluding an officer. Criminal defense lawyers Peter Aiken and Sean O’Halloran each have experience in both criminal defense and prosecution. Both Florida natives and long-term residents of southwest Florida, they are familiar with the histories of certain police departments and officers. This knowledge and experience can be a great benefit to our clients.

Understanding The Seriousness Of A Charge Of Resisting Arrest

A felony or misdemeanor charge can move to a whole new level if you are also charged with resisting arrest. The consequences of conviction can increase greatly. Even if you are cleared of the original charges, the resisting arrest charge can move forward within the criminal justice system. It is critical to have an experienced criminal defense attorney standing up for your rights and liberties.

At Aiken & O’Halloran, we aggressively defend individuals facing resisting arrest charges resulting from:

  • Providing false identification or information
  • Fleeing or eluding the police
  • Assault or battery on a law enforcement officer or health care professional
  • Any other action that may constitute an attempt to resist arrest
  • Leaving the scene of an accident

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