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Insurance companies are very powerful in Florida, and they will not hesitate to have you arrested on charges of filing a false insurance claim. This is a real problem because, in many cases, other people have financial interests in getting clients to submit false claims.

For example, a construction contractor may benefit from a homeowner submitting a false insurance claim to pay for construction work on a house whose damage was fabricated or nonexistent. The temptation to submit a false claim may be even greater when people face hard times. If you are being investigated for or charged with submitting a false insurance claim of any kind, we encourage you to contact the insurance fraud defense attorneys at Aiken & O’Halloran today.

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Insurance Companies Devote Extensive Resources To Finding Fraud

In some cases, insurance fraud is committed when accidents or claims are staged. Did you know that insurance companies may get your cellphone records to see if you knew the person you ran into? Did you know that insurance companies may try to prove that an accident was planned to collect insurance? Insurance companies also look into accidents with rental vehicles because of the high limits on insurance. These companies also look into prior accidents and injuries.

Insurance fraud is also common among claims for things like water damage and mold damage. Some people who are upside down on their mortgages set fire to their homes for the insurance money. Such people can be prosecuted and sent to jail for arson and insurance fraud.

Insurance company investigators are now looking at insurance agents for writing suspicious policies, and some insurance writers are under investigation.

When the stakes are this high, you need experienced legal representation as soon as possible.

Multiple Types Of Fraud Charges Involving False Claims

Depending on the facts of the case, submitting a false claim could result in charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering and conspiracy or racketeering. At Aiken & O’Halloran, we have extensive experience with insurance fraud investigations. Our team includes a former federal prosecutor who has a background in forensic accounting as an IRS special investigator. We understand what investigators are looking for and how to defend against fraud charges.

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