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The impact of drug crime charges on future employment

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Facing drug crime charges can have long-lasting effects on a person’s ability to find employment.

Those facing drug charges may wonder how they can influence job opportunities and what individuals can do to mitigate these impacts.

Challenges in securing employment

Employers often conduct background checks before hiring new staff. A drug crime charge on your record can be a significant deterrent. Industries that are particularly sensitive include healthcare, education and government roles, where clean records are often mandatory. Even if the charge did not lead to a conviction, the mere appearance of the charge can cause potential employers to hesitate.

Legal rights concerning background checks

It’s important to know your legal rights regarding background checks. Some states have laws that allow individuals to not disclose certain types of criminal charges after a certain period has passed. Understanding these laws can help when applying for jobs, as you might legally withhold that information from potential employers.

Impact on professional licenses

Drug crime charges can also impact professional licensing. Many licensing boards require disclosures of any criminal charges and can deny or revoke licenses based on criminal history. This can affect careers in fields such as nursing, law and pharmacy.

Strategies to improve employability

Understanding some of the strategies used to help people get jobs after being charged with a drug crime can be helpful.

  • Expungement: In some cases, you can apply to have your record expunged, which means the charges get removed from public records.
  • Rehabilitation programs: Participating in drug rehabilitation programs can demonstrate to potential employers that you have taken steps to address any past issues. This can sometimes mitigate their concerns.
  • Honesty: Being honest about your past when it is necessary to disclose can sometimes work in your favor. Employers often value transparency and the ability to own up to past mistakes.

While drug crime charges can undoubtedly complicate job searches, understanding your rights and available options can help improve your chances of securing employment.